The Strategic Deterrent Coalition (SDC) supports
maintaining America’s strategic nuclear deterrent.


The United States maintains a modern, safe, secure, effective and stabilizing Nuclear Triad deterrent. This is the single-issue focus of the Strategic Deterrent Coalition.


The Strategic Deterrent Coalition is a non-profit, non-partisan, community-based organization of concerned citizens with the mission of educating and informing the public and decision makers on the importance of a valid Nuclear Triad and strategic weapons.

Nuclear Triad American Security for American Freedom

About the Strategic Deterrent Coalition

The Strategic Deterrent Coalition, or SDC, is a non-profit, non-partisan and community-based organization which supports the U.S. Nuclear Triad and nuclear stockpile. Being non-partisan and community-based makes the SDC unique.

Community-based organizations across our nation have come together to create the Strategic Deterrent Coalition in the belief America must avoid the tendency to understate the complexity of the specialized equipment, facilities, personnel, knowledge and expertise required to properly sustain American’s Nuclear Deterrent.

The Strategic Deterrent Coalition exists to educate and inform.

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